Meet Yoni Savir

Read how the Founder and Chief Scientist of Sentient Synthetics is using his decades of study, research, observation, and practical experience across multiple disciplines to solve a global healthcare problem, and how StarFinder Lab is assisting him on his journey.

The Chinese saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” could not be more relevant to an Israeli Assistant Professor running a spin-off from the Israel Institute of Technology, Technion.

Yoni Savir, from the Department of Physiology, Biophysics & Systems Biology, Faculty of Medicine, at the Technion, is the Founder of StarFinder Lab’s 1st cohort company- Sentient Synthetics. A polymath with diverse industry experience and impeccable academic credentials, it seems as though all of Yoni’s years of study, research, and practical experience have led him to this calling.

Yoni is guiding Sentient on its mission of developing synthetic datasets to help overcome the Achilles’ Heel of machine learning – building accurate algorithms in the face of data limitations. While his first use case is in computational pathology, Yoni’s ultimate vision is to bridge the divide between digital pathology and molecular biology.

Yoni heard about StarFinder Lab through the healthcare ecosystem grapevine. Following a staged submission process involving personal interaction and a gradual alignment between the parties, Yoni knew he’d found the right partner when he understood that his mission: to create the “next big thing,” aligns with that of  StarFinder Lab: to discover and nurture the “next big thing.”

If you ask Yoni, he’ll tell you it’s a match written in the stars, with Sentient being the conduit for disruption and innovation and StarFinder providing optimal scientific and business input, as well as personalized support to ensure Sentient achieves its goals.

And that’s how you go about changing the face of healthcare – with the right partners, one step at a time.