What is StarFinder Lab?

This is how we describe ourselves on LinkedIn:


“StarFinder Lab, powered by Roche and aMoon, is an exclusive innovation platform that provides access to leading global expertise, intimate guidance, $250,000 funding, and additional benefits to outstanding Israeli entrepreneurs with disruptive early-stage ideas that seek to address major global healthcare challenges.”


I guess we could just leave it there and call it a day. Although the description is accurate, there is more to say – much more. 


StarFinder Lab is where Swiss multinational healthcare company, Roche, and Israel-headquartered, global Healthtech and Life Sciences investment fund, aMoon, converge with a common goal – to help build, support, and guide the best and brightest Israeli entrepreneurs, who’s disruptive early-stage ideas will change the global face of digital health.


Financing is important for start-ups; however, ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that what they are really looking for is the added value their partners can bring to the table. And StarFinder has plenty of that: vast multidisciplinary experience, industry insights, global contacts and access, and the know-how of how to build a company from the ground up. The participants provide their youthful exuberance, ingenious ideas, and sweat capital. Together with the skillful entrepreneurs whose relentless drive is the backbone of the program, StarFinder seeks to build companies that will transform healthcare and improve the lives of patients worldwide.


Roche and aMoon have expertise that is highly complementary. They have their finger on the pulse of what healthcare so desperately needs and are able to provide innovators with real-world challenges. They also know how to identify entrepreneurs with the ideas and ability to address those challenges. As an entrepreneur with an early-stage idea, selecting the right partners might be your most important decision. 


Each StarFinder cohort will comprise up to three startups. This means that the guidance provided is extensive and intimate.


StarFinder Lab believes that AI-based technology is the future of healthcare. The ability of StarFinder startups to access the human capital at Roche and aMoon is an opportunity afforded by very few, that can not only significantly accelerate and streamline the technology development but can also help you get the product-market fit right from the get-go. 


The StarFinder Lab team will be there for you and with you all the way. We understand the hard work involved, as a great idea without hard work remains nothing but a great idea. It won’t be easy, but nothing worth having is; and having the right partners always makes it easier.