Roche Pharmaceuticals (Israel) Ltd. (“the Company” or “Roche“) considers it of the utmost importance to adapt its services to the entire population and to that end works to make adjustments to make its services accessible to persons with disabilities as well.

These adjustments are made in compliance with the provisions of the Law on Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities, 5758-1998, and the regulations established pursuant thereto.

Website Accessibility

An accessible website is one that allows persons with disabilities to surf it, so they can derive the same benefits and enjoyment from it like all of website surfers. Recognizing the importance of the need for accessible content on the Internet, Roche has made and continues to make accessibility adjustments on its website, with the aim of allowing all users to get the most out of every use of the website.

Roche is active and promotes the issue of accessibility and considers persons with disabilities to have equal rights, who are entitled to benefit from full accessibility to the company’s websites and the services it provides.

Information About Website Accessibility

This site complies with the requirements of the law, including the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments to the Service), 5773-2013.

  • The accessibility adjustments were made in accordance with the recommendations of Israeli Standard 5568 – “Guidelines for Content Accessibility on the Internet” at the AA level and the International Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 document.
  • Web accessibility adjustments have been tested for the highest compatibility with Firefox browsers.
  • A semantic structure has been implemented on the site for assistive technologies and support for the accepted usage patterns for navigating with a keyboard using the Enter and Esc arrow keys to exit menus and windows.
  • The site is adapted for display using the common browsers and for use with the cell phone.
  • For an optimal browsing experience using the screen reader software, it is recommended to use the latest NVDA software.
  • It should be emphasized that Roche is constantly working to make the company’s websites accessible. Access is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law.  If you come across a file that is not accessible, and you need an accessible format, please contact the company’s accessibility coordinator (the details are below) and we will process it as soon as possible so that it adapts to an accessible version.

Accessibility Methods on the Site

  • Standards – the website is supported by common browsers, in their latest version.
  • Enlarging the display on the website – Surfers who have difficulty seeing and wish to enlarge the display on the website can do so by simultaneously pressing the keys “Ctrl” and “+” (control and plus). Each press of these two keys will increase the display by 10%. To reduce the display, press the “Ctrl” and “-” (control and minus) keys at the same time.
  • Operating the site using a keyboard – surfers who have difficulty operating a mouse can surf the site using a keyboard. Repeatedly pressing on the Tab key will move between the various links on the page. Pressing on Enter will activate the highlighted link.
  • Support for assistive technologies – this site is an accessible site adapted for viewing by persons with disabilities and allows support for screen reading software. To verify the accessibility of the site’s content, the site was tested with NVDA screen reader software.

Restrictions on Website Accessibility

  • It should be noted that despite our efforts to make all of the pages on the site accessible, it is possible that you might discover that parts of the site are not yet accessible.
  • On the page Sponsors and Steer-Co we have made an accessible version due to some scripts that were applied from external plugin.
  • We continue our efforts to improve the website’s accessibility as part of our commitment to allow its use by the entire population, including persons with disabilities.
  • We will be happy to receive requests for information and/or suggestions for improvement in order to improve the service.

Roche’s Accessibility Arrangements

The purpose of this part of the website is to inform you about the company’s accessibility arrangements, which include the accessibility of the services and buildings operated by Roche.

The Accessibility of the Call Center

  • Roche’s service hotline by phone: 09-9737777 is available and accessible to the general public, including persons with disabilities, and is available according to the response times published on the company’s websites.
  • The voice response is adjusted and is without background music, at a slow pace and in simple language.
  • An alternative means of establishing telephone contact – using the contact form on the Roche Israel website, at, specifying personal contact details to receive a return response.

Employee Training for Accessibility

  • Roche employees are made aware about the duties applicable to Roche, with an emphasis on prohibiting discrimination, providing equal service in an inclusive environment, and on Roche’s accessibility arrangements.
  • The relevant Roche employees, including, for example, the call center employees, underwent training and preparation in the various aspects of accessibility, with the aim of increasing awareness of the principles of accessibility and in order to provide tools to give accessible service to persons with disabilities.

The Accessibility of the Information

Roche makes it possible to receive information in accessible formats. The delivery of the information is free of charge and is intended for persons with disabilities. For inquiries and information on accessibility, you can contact Roche’s accessibility coordinator whose details appear below.

Building Accessibility

The means of accessibility to the building where the company’s offices are located at 6 Harash Street, Hod Hasharon 4524079 –

  • Handicapped parking spaces – handicapped parking spaces are spread out throughout the complex in accordance with the law
  • Ways of Access – the complex has wide gates, accessible elevators, ramps, railings and flat sidewalks
  • Entrances – the complex has entrances for car owners and pedestrians
  • Waiting areas – there are waiting areas with sofas in the lobby of the building and on the office floors
  • Lavatories for the disabled equipped with an armrest are found on all floors
  • Elevators – are equipped with buttons with Braille inscriptions and a voice announcement system that tells you what floor you are on
  • Auxiliary systems – the entrance lobby to the building is equipped with a telephone for the disabled
  • Signage – throughout the complex and in the Roche offices there is signage providing information about all the accessible means available to visitors

Contact Methods for any Request, Malfunction and Suggestion for Improvement Regarding Accessibility

Roche will continue to maintain and improve the level of accessibility from the point of view of equal rights and equal opportunities for all. If you still encounter a difficulty or a problem regarding accessibility, or you have a comment on the subject, contact us in one of the following ways:

  • By mail to the following address: Roche Pharmaceuticals (Israel) Ltd., 6 Harash Street , Hod Hasharon 4524079
  • By phone: 09-9737777
  • By fax: 09-9737740
  • Or by contacting the company’s accessibility coordinator whose details appear below

Roche’s Accessibility Coordinator

Details of Roche’s Accessibility Coordinator –

Accessibility Statement Update Date

The Accessibility Statement was updated on April 17, 2023