StarFinder Lab Participants Have Access to Experts from within aMoon and Roche

There’s an old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” The meaning is self-explanatory and the saying came into existence for good reason – those who are “connected” usually manage to get ahead in this world.

 At StarFinder Lab, we don’t exactly swim with the crowd. We’re not here to conform for the sake of conformity. We’re here to forge a new path, and realize that to achieve the revolution in global healthcare that we seek to attain, we have to think outside the box and use the combined and formidable resources of all our stakeholders for the greater good. That’s why, to become a participant at StarFinder Lab, It is what you know, and StarFinder Lab becomes an extension of who you know.

 To be accepted into the StarFinder Lab program you’ll really need to know your stuff, and you’ll have the opportunity to succeed on merit. You’ll need to demonstrate that your idea – yes, StarFinder Lab is looking for startups with early and even very early stage ideas – is worth backing and worthy of the valuable resources StarFinder is willing to invest in you. If your AI-based diagnostic solution is disruptive and able to improve the lives of millions, then StarFinder Lab is the perfect fit for you.

 StarFinder Lab participants have the vision; however what is a vision without the ability to turn it into a reality? That’s where our old adage comes back into play. Once you’re part of the StarFinder Lab, this saying evolves into, It is what you know and who you know,” as it is at StarFinder Lab where aMoon and Roche step into the picture. You will gain access to the deep human capital these two companies have to offer – two industry stalwarts that operate in the same field yet from completely different vantage points, but in a totally complimentary manner.

 aMoon is a leader in the fields of HealthTech and Life Sciences investment and Roche is a leader in health care and diagnostics. Together, they have an unparalleled ecosystem that helps  turn vision into reality – and that ecosystem is available to StarFinder Lab participants.

 The greatest asset of both aMoon and Roche is their human capital – international stakeholder experts with deep knowledge in their field of expertise. And these experts will be accessible to StarFinder Lab startups. These professionals are an incredible resource for StarFinder Lab inductees to access and be mentored by, and become part of “who you know.”

We often hear the saying, “It’s all about the money.” StarFinder Lab participants know for a fact that it’s about so much more than that – it’s actually about the things money can’t buy, yet that StarFinder Lab can provide.