Meet Or Peleg


Or, LiteBC’s CEO and Co-Founder, embarked on his academic journey by earning a BA in Physics and Mathematics, followed by an MSc with a focus on Plasma Physics and a Ph.D. in Nonlinear Optics. With a background working in various biotech startups, including a period at Rafael, where he oversaw the quantum technology laboratory, Or gained valuable skills in management, research, and development. Partnering with Co-Founder Barry Loevsky, they began to search for a project to work on together that would fulfill two essential criteria: presenting a professional and technological challenge while holding immense market potential.

Why LiteBC?

In line with Or’s ambition to make modern medicine less traumatic, improving the quality of life for millions of patients worldwide who regularly undergo painful blood tests, LiteBC’s HemoScope technology harnesses advanced blood vessel imaging and real-time data processing to provide a precise blood count analysis that negates the need for invasive procedures. The platform seeks to provide accurate results while eliminating pain and can be used at the patient’s home, reducing the number of hospital visits.

The StarFinder Lab Experience

When Or discovered the StarFinder Lab program through a friend, he was intrigued with its unique offerings and applied to what he perceived to be an “incredible opportunity,” which provides access to:

“the invaluable expertise of a leading VC, aMoon, which possesses a deep understanding of our market, the healthcare industry, as well as the profound knowledge of Roche, which brings forth experts in every field, whether it be technology itself, technology adaptation, or clinical insights. Every step of the way, we are accompanied by a dedicated specialist who invests their time to support and enhance our skills and knowledge.”

According to Or, The program is already providing invaluable guidance and resources that help navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence and strategic foresight.

When discussing what sets StarFinder Lab apart from other programs, Or emphasized that, beyond funding, the partnership with Roche and aMoon provides LiteBC insight into practical use cases, which serves as a unique edge in the competitive healthcare market.

With LiteBC now fully engaged in the StarFinder Lab program, Or views this partnership as the beginning of an “exciting and transformative journey.” The path ahead may not be without its challenges, but Or is ready to embrace them with determination and perseverance. 

Together with LiteBC, we eagerly anticipate the results this collaboration will bring and the opportunities that lie ahead.