Meet Fabian Schvartzman

פביאן שוורצמן


Fabian, Sentient’s Co-Founder & CEO, was introduced to the company through the StarFinder network. Besides holding an MSc and Stanford MBA, his professional experience includes serving as CEO of a medical device company and heading business development for a biotech company. Fabian has the real-world know-how to compliment his tertiary qualifications, making him the right person to drive Sentient in realizing its ambitions.

Why Sentient Synthetics?

“When I was introduced to Sentient and fully understood the tremendous potential of the technology, I jumped at the opportunity to take the helm as the ramifications of synthetic data sets and their ability to overcome the Achilles’ Heel of AI and machine learning are truly revolutionary.

To develop accurate models and teach an algorithm to “think,” you need access to lots of data. The greater the access to data, the better. However, data may be fragmented or inaccessible for numerous reasons including cost and privacy. In addition, while extensive data, which can be used to help train algorithms, exists concerning common occurrences, data regarding rarer instances is accordingly harder to come by. Synthetic data sets would solve this problem, opening the door for innovations in health care.

The fulfillment of our ambitions would help people everywhere by streamlining processes in the medical world, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to enhance treatments and improve the outcomes of patients.”

The StarFinder Lab Experience

Roche and aMoon are the perfect complementary partners to accompany us on our journey.

aMoon is our business mentor: They impart their incredible market and industry knowledge and guide us in taking what we already know and what we learn in conjunction with Roche to create a sustainable business. We view them as a partner and hope they will remain one in the future.

Roche is our technical mentor: They give us amazing insights that we wouldn’t have discovered without their insider knowledge. While helping us examine our hypotheses technically and understand the needs of the Pharma and Diagnostics industries, they also provide us with access to invaluable data that we will use within our POC framework”.