In the vast healthcare industry, innovation often arises from a deep desire to address pressing challenges and create a lasting impact. For the founders of LiteBC, Or Peleg and Barry Loevsky,  they found their calling in a partnership with Prof. Dvir Yelin from the Bio-Medical Engineering Department at the Technion, where a novel technology was discovered that could revolutionize the healthcare industry as a whole. 

Blood tests today are invasive procedures that can often cause considerable discomfort and pain, so frequent testing for individuals with chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, or undergoing cancer treatments, as well as for infants, can take a toll on their emotional and physical well-being. 

To address these challenges, LiteBC has pioneered a groundbreaking solution: HemoScope, which leverages LiteBC’s patented Deep Spectral Vision (DSV) technology for advanced blood vessel imaging. Through multiple imaging channels, data is transmitted to a console where it is analyzed and processed in real-time, delivering precise blood count analysis. By obtaining critical decision-making blood parameters through the skin’s epidermis, testing becomes simple, accessible, and entirely non-invasive. 

 HemoScope seeks to not only minimize pain and suffering but also allow patients to perform their blood work comfortably from anywhere at any time. By increasing access to healthcare with point-of-care and home solutions, HemoScope will support preventive and personalized medicine, increasing treatment response rates and eliminating the risk of disease transmission that occurs in conventional healthcare settings.

 StarFinder Lab is proud to collaborate with LiteBC, a visionary startup dedicated to improving patient care and access to quality diagnostics.