A Key to Success in HealthTech: Understanding the Most Pressing Global Health Challenges

To solve a challenge, one must be able to define it, and the first step in defining something involves understanding it.

When looking to apply HealthTech to global health challenges, we have a few matters to consider, including:

  1. Understanding and defining what are the most pressing global health challenges.
  2. Exploring and designing Healthtech solutions addressing these global health challenges.
  3. Delivering those HealthTech solutions to market.

The process needs to follow this flow for it to be successful.

Understanding the Most Pressing Global Health Challenges

There are numerous organizations and think tanks with their own view as to what comprises the most pressing global health care challenges; each formulated from their own particular perspective. However, unless you’re on the front line of the global health industry; invested in it globally, and dedicated to it with every fiber of your being, are you really in a position to understand these challenges?

Fortunately, one of StarFinder Lab’s stakeholders, Roche, is in this unique position. With its in-depth knowledge and familiarity with healthcare systems globally, Roche can provide perceptive insights unavailable to others concerning the challenges facing global healthcare – the real global health needs that require answering.

Exploring and Designing HealthTech Solutions to Meet Those Challenges

With a clear understanding of the challenges provided by those in the best position to discern them, comes the opportunity to explore and discover solutions utilizing the most advanced technology available.

This requires a team effort – an entrepreneur with the vision and drive to accept the challenge and all it entails, a multidisciplinary team with the skill set to meet the challenge, and the supporting cast with the capacity to nurture, guide, and assist in smoothing and accelerating the development of the technology for the benefit of all involved. This is where StarFinder Lab comes into its own, by providing access to the vast ecosystem of its backers, aMoon and Roche.

Delivering the Solutions to Market

It’s one thing having a great idea, but quite another knowing how to best apply it in the market: Where is the low hanging fruit? What is the best way to penetrate the market? What are the potential applications for the technology?

Many startups are underfunded, understaffed, and overworked, without the resources at their disposal to fully realize their potential. Sure, this may all be part and parcel of the startup culture and journey; however, is it optimal?

With the ability to tap the extensive resources of Roche and aMoon, StarFinder Lab has the in-depth understanding to guide you in making one of your most important decisions – where to position your innovation for it to have its greatest impact – on something that has a market; a big one. This helps increase the chances of your company’s success while simultaneously solving global health problems.

There is no shortage of global health challenges that need solving, and technology is often our best chance of solving them. For a startup, understanding which challenge is best suited to their innovation is essential to its success, and StarFinder Lab can provide this key factor.