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StarFinder Lab is a first-of-its-kind digital health lab powered by Roche and aMoon. Established in 2020, it offers a unique early-stage program, aimed at identifying exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs who are addressing pressing global health challenges. Selected entrepreneurs will receive funding to develop their “Proof of Concept” based on data from Israeli HMOs, hospitals, and Roche, mentoring, unparalleled access to leading global expertise from within Roche and aMoon, personal office space at aMoon’s offices, and more. StarFinder Lab will launch one cohort per year, each cohort will be made of up to 3 elected ventures centered each around a specific challenge.

The program is open to essentially everyone: researchers in academia or hospitals, practicing physicians/clinicians, entrepreneurs and alumni of elite tech units in the army who have not yet incorporated their venture, as well as existing startups and companies.

Each venture will receive an aggregate amount of $250K. $125K under a grant agreement with Roche, and $125K under a SAFE agreement with aMoon. The SAFE will be converted into equity in the company’s next financing round. Roche/aMoon will not take any board seat as part of the StarFinder program funding. Upon successful graduation of the program, aMoon and/or Roche may consider further funding/partnership with the venture.

Some challenges may be centered around specific therapeutic areas, some may be centered around platform technology with a defined use case for first validation.  Those details will be provided in our call for proposals.

The program will take place at aMoon offices in Ra’anana. The participants will have full access to aMoon’s working space, shared meeting rooms, and shared dining areas.

We are looking for outstanding entrepreneurs with disruptive approaches to our health challenges, able to demonstrate technological feasibility and reach a POC within 9 months and the allotted budget, relying on the use of data and AI.  We will evaluate the proposals based on additional parameters, including the quality of the team,  interdisciplinary thinking, experience, commitment level, quick learning curve abilities, clear intended use and benefit, technical, data, IP, and regulatory requirements.  

Companies screening that will lead to a Pitch Day, where selected companies will present their solution, and then the second round of finalists’ presentations. There might be a request for additional information during the companies’ evaluation process.

The investment committee reserves the right to choose none or one venture for a specific topic.

The program is open only for Israeli incorporated entities with the core team located in Israel, which does not exclude collaborations outside Israel.

We expect each venture to have the following: an approved clinical approach, together with a structured technological proposal, detailed in a POC work plan level, defined IP, and a solid team that is willing to be committed to the company building process. Including information about your business model and go-to-market strategy is strongly encouraged. If you are a researcher in academia/hospital, we recommend that you work together with your tech transfer office to assist you on the business aspects.

Yes. In a frequency as shall be agreed between the parties.

The program is 9-month long.

The program will include funding to execute “Proof of Concept” based on data from Israeli HMOs and/or hospitals and/or Roche, mentoring, lectures and workshops, unparalleled access to leading expertise from within Roche and aMoon, personal office space at aMoon’s offices, and more.

Up to 3 startups will be selected for each cohort.

The program is open to all entrepreneurs and start-ups, regardless of their stage. The focus, however, is on the development of a novel solution and the company will need to devote the required resources, including management attention, to that end.  If you have raised funding in the past, your pre/post evaluation will be shared in the submission process and will be taken into consideration.

At the end of the program, the venture teams will present their POC projects to Roche and aMoon leadership. Upon successful graduation of the program, Roche and/or aMoon may consider further funding/partnership with the venture.

The use of proceeds will be agreed between the venture, Roche, and aMoon as per the mutually agreed work plan at the beginning of the program.

The topics identified, all represent real-world needs identified mutually by Roche and aMoon, based on in-depth analysis.

  • Collaboration between Roche, a global pioneer in personalized healthcare and #1 in-vitro diagnostics company, and aMoon, Israel’s largest life sciences and healthtech VC fund, combining their mutual in-depth experience, know-how, and diverse resources for the benefit of the program participants.
  • Guaranteed $250K funding in each elected start-up.
  • Intimate and ongoing access to experts from business units, global partnering and affiliates within Roche
  • Support with access to relevant digital datasets from leading HMOs,hospitals and Roche, allowing participants to focus on the R&D and save valuable time otherwise spent on locating and gaining access to data.
  • Program based on real-world market needs, providing access to experts within Roche and aMoon, which will act as design partners to enable arriving at a strong product-market fit.
  • Intimate cohort group of up to 3 startups, allowing customization for the needs of each participant and personal attention to significantly increase chances of a successful POC.
  • Potential for significant post-program investment and/or partnership with Roche and/or aMoon.
  • Office space within aMoon’s offices

Absolutely. One of the key elements of StarFinder Lab is our active assistance with finding the right talent to supplement your team. However, you should not rely only on our help and are encouraged to put together the strongest possible team, as this is an important aspect in our evaluation process.

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