StarFinder Lab: the Digital Health Lab that Guides you Every Step of the Way

StarFinder Lab was established by Swiss healthcare giant, Roche, and global HealthTech and Life Sciences investment fund, aMoon, as a digital health lab; a place where early-stage companies with the potential to change the global healthcare paradigm can come and draw on the collective expertise and extended global network of its stakeholders to propel their groundbreaking idea to the next level and beyond.

When we set our sights on early-stage companies that may even be at the concept stage, we realized that their needs are different from those of more established ventures. Accordingly, we adjusted our support package to provide the comprehensive step-by-step guidance these emerging companies require.

Our vast experience has taught us that the brilliance, talent, and enthusiasm of health-tech entrepreneurs are not enough and that the obstacles to achieving success, no matter how outstanding the idea, are myriad. For example, the disparate skill sets required to take a company from the concept stage to marketable product are extensive, the regulatory approval process is lengthy and complex – and of course, time means money; lots of it.

In no way to belittle early-stage companies looking to make their way in the healthcare sector; our industry is broad and dynamic, and many startups don’t even know what they don’t know.

This is where StarFinder Lab comes into the picture. Through the network of its backers, we offer participating companies a multifaceted environment that can meet their many needs. Alongside funding and office space, StarFinder Lab guides its startups through the Roche and aMoon ecosystems to help them formulate and crystallize practical use cases, with a strong product-market fit for their technology based on the vast experience and global reach of those who know what the world of healthcare is really seeking.

As StarFinder Lab provides support in a range of separate disciplines, one question may naturally arise: are we a Jack of all trades, yet master of none?

By joining forces to establish a digital health lab, Roche and aMoon formed a partnership of complementary specializations and viewpoints: creating something new that is distinguished by its holistic offerings – all aspects of which are provided without compromise due to the benefit of collective expertise and a common goal; the success of the startups we take under our wing.

Guiding its startups every step of the way, StarFinder Lab is a digital health lab with the integrated in-house capabilities to take its participants from concept to POC. As StarFinder Lab only accepts a maximum of three companies per cohort, it constitutes a rare opportunity to receive the intimate one-on-one guidance essential for the success of early-stage companies.