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Meet Shimon Sheiba

שמעון קוזאליסBackground

Curious by nature, Shimon Sheiba, Co-Founder & VP Data Sciences at Causalis.ai, pursued his passion for machine learning and AI at the Technion, where after studying optimization, statistics, and numerous other AI related fields, he honed his research on Natural Language Processing. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with the field of causal AI, believing it to be the perfect combination of his fields of interest – A rigorous mathematical foundation with an inherent ability to study its own weaknesses, endless application opportunities, and a philosophical flavor. From there, Shimon’s path to take part in the founding of Causalis.ai was paved.

Why Causalis.ai?

With Causalis.ai Shimon has found the perfect opportunity to fulfill his dream – leveraging his expertise in joining a team of outstanding individuals to build a company that applies state-of-the-art technology for the benefit of healthcare: working to save lives.

Although saving lives is the ultimate goal; the potential to prolong and improve quality of life is a worthy second prize. Shimon realized that making informed decisions with imperfect information and under constantly changing circumstances is no easy task. However, by applying causal inference with AI and machine learning – as Causalis.ai is in the midst of doing; he believes they can crack this puzzle: and the potential benefit for precision medicine is immense.

The StarFinder Lab Experience

“Thus far the experience has been intense and stimulating on so many levels. We are already seeing how access to top-notch datasets and insightful feedback from relevant industry experts across the globe advances the development of our technology. With Roche as our multinational partner and potential customer, and aMoon providing business guidance along with a comprehensive market view, the program is unique in providing the tools to address any and all situations we may confront throughout our journey.

StarFinder Lab has opened our eyes to a new level of detail in thinking and planning; elevating our game, and not only guiding but accelerating the path to achieving our goals.”

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