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Meet Karin Noy

קארין קוזאליסBackground

One of Causalis.ai’s co-founders, Karin Noy, has more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including a stint as a biomarker discovery and diagnostics development research scientist at Siemens, and many additional years at Big Pharma – where she developed cancer drugs and decision support systems for portfolio management. Armed with a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Karin is the company’s CSO, responsible for the scientific side and business applications.

Why Causalis.ai?

“The medical world is heading towards precision medicine, where the patient’s omics data, environment, and lifestyle are analyzed in prescribing the most effective, personalized treatment. The application of Causal AI in healthcare will be a key building block in achieving this, and we believe Causalis.ai can play a key role in bridging the gap between causal AI and its clinical application: paving the way to a healthcare revolution.”

Causalis.ai aims to find causal relationships in data, and use this information to build much smarter models based on causation and not just correlation. The human body is very complex, so there are a lot of factors involved in the cause and effect of its processes and responses. When we identify the cause behind the effect, we have the opportunity to get to the root of the issue. Consequently, Causal AI can prove the key to reaching better conclusions.

This will serve multiple purposes, including: supporting doctor and patient decision-making, and increasing the success rates of clinical trials by helping to identify the most suitable participants and determine the ideal pathways for them: providing an opportunity to transform healthcare.”

The StarFinder Lab Experience

“The relationship with Roche facilitated access to data concerning several hundred thousand cancer patients and the treatments they received, as well as relevant data from Israeli hospitals. Data is a must for accurate model building, and without Roche in our corner, the process of accessing this data would’ve been considerably more time-consuming. Roche also guides us with insights from within the industry, and provides introductions to experts at the highest level who could help drive us toward achieving our goals.

On their part, aMoon were essential in helping us navigate through the business side of matters and fine-tune our business plan: enabling us to sharpen our focus on achieving commercial success.

What Roche and aMoon bring to StarFinder Lab correlates perfectly with our needs at this stage of development, and I believe our association will only grow stronger over time.”

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