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Causalis.ai is developing causal AI technology | lung cancer | StarFinder Lab
Causalis.ai is a healthtech company seeking to address a global challenge in oncology: finding the optimal balance between efficacy and tolerance in the treatment of cancer patients prior to starting the treatment. Causalis’ focus is on lung cancer, the world's deadliest cancer. Lung cancer patients are often diagnosed at a late stage of the disease and it is absolutely critical to get their treatment right on the first try. Causalis.ai is developing causal AI technology that “understands” the complex cause and effect relationships in healthcare based on a patient's individual medical data. The company is developing a platform that will allow oncologists to make decisions hand-in-hand with their patients, taking into consideration the patient's prioritization between life expectancy and adverse events (quality of life).
Sentient is a Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) spin-off, AI-based, digital pathology company, leveraging cutting-edge machine learning to create synthetic pathology datasets for the purpose of overcoming existing data limitations in the field of computational pathology. These synthetic datasets are validated, affordable, thoroughly labeled, and free from privacy concerns. They will enable faster and more accurate training and validation for highly accurate AI algorithms by medical research centers, digital health, pharma, and diagnostics companies, for all cancer tissue types, including the rarer forms.

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